Friday, October 17, 2008

QUILTING: The Queen of Green

Quilting is really the ultimate in green. After all, I don’t throw away a scrap. As you can see, my quilting studio is a testament to that. Not only do I save the tiniest of scraps, I also reuse vintage materials, repurpose my daughter’s jeans , cut off buttons and zippers from worn out clothing, and recycle where I can.

Though the Alchemy site on, I read that a Louisville MOMs Group is having a Recycle, Repurpose, and Reuse theme at their next meeting. I knew my shop would fit the bill. The Louisville Brightside organizer coming to speak to the group on ways to help in Louisville. Someone in the group always prepares a packet to give to each mom.

Since they might be interested in my products with Christmas coming up, and going green being such a hot topic, I am sending them my business cards with vintage ribbon from my Aunt Ruth's stash attached. In order to induce members to come, I donated the following folk art postcard and magnets. I hope they have a great meeting. I look forward to hearing from the members.

HUGS and KISSES... PLAY to LEARN QUILT, the game that grows with your child

I work with developmentally challenged preschoolers everyday. Learning I be broken down into the simplest steps. Steps we take for granted. Repetitive actions and reinforcements help all children. I decided to combine my quilting into a travel game that is appropriate for all ages.

This 13″ X 13″ visually stimulating quilt excites newborns with its bright colored shapes and bold lines. Playing with the ten 4″ X 4″ mini quilts aids in small motor movement and dexterity. No attachments that an infant could swallow. As the child grows, a matching game with the mini-quilts using the colored designs sharpens recognition and memory skills.
With tic-tac-toe, older children can learn cooperation through taking turns, use planning and logic through strategy, and develop early math skills through problem solving. The Xs and Os are paper pieced so they will stay intact with the other side being the bright fabrics.

The mat and playing pieces fold up into a 5-inch square and closed with an attached fabric covered elastic band.It can be tossed in a bag and played in restaurants, waiting rooms, car rides, etc. and also can be used as a placemat or security blanket.

It will last through many children as well as generations. It is truly an heirloom to be cherished for many years. Since all the pieces are cotton, they can be hand-washed and dried flat giving it a puckered look.
If you would like it made up in other colors or themes, please e-mail me at

How to Personalize a Quilt Label

  1. For a professional finish to your quilts, make a personal label for the back as follows:
    1. Iron heat and bond lite onto fabric.
    2. Cut out squares out with fancy scissors.
    3. Type out info for label in Word on Computer, centering words. I use “Andy” font. I insert some clip art.
    4. Tape cut out label onto computer screen. this works as a light box.
    5. Using micro-tipped ink pen, trace over letters, it looks freehand, but very neat.
    6. Color clip art, if used.
    7. Iron onto quilt back.
    8. I usually do a running embroidery stitch around outside of label for added strength.