Sunday, December 7, 2008


What a fun way to find money, not under the tree, but on the tree. These 6"inch shiny stockings have a beaded holder and a small pocket to hold something special inside. They are stuffed with polyester batting.

To fill your whimsy, here are some bright fabrics for that contemporary tree. Please note that the green dotted stocking is already sold and hanging on someone's tree!

Not into the stocking thing, these cute money holders will also hold the gift cards too! The pouch can then be used to hold those cards in your purse and the larger tag can be a great book mark.

This one has all sorts of flip flops and asia sandals on a black background.
This sweet gift card or money holder has swirling pink ladies inside a rose bud case.

For the Fashionista on your list, high heeled shoes, purses, and sunglasses are called for inside of green pouch. As always, they can be purchase on Etsy:

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