Saturday, November 22, 2008

AT THE SEASHORE...PLAY to LEARN QUILT, the game that grows with your child

Here are the extra pictures of my new Quilted play mat with 30's reproductions. I bought the center square with the children playing while on vacation in Michigan, not knowing what I was going to used them for. I just fell in love with them. They remind me of my favorite children's illustrator, Eloise Wilken. I only bought one fat quarter of Michael Miller's kids and can't find anymore.

This 13" X 13" visually stimulating quilt excites newborns with its brightly colored shapes, pictures and bold lines. There are 30 reproduction prints used in into this mini-quilt.Playing with the ten 4" X 4" mini quilts aids in small motor movement and dexterity. There is an elastic band that a binky could be attached to. No attachments that an infant could swallow. It would also make a great lovey.

As the child grows, a matching game with the mini-quilts using the colored designs sharpens recognition and memory skills. The sailboats and ducks can also be used as imaginary toys in their own right.

With tic-tac-toe, older children can learn cooperation through taking turns, use planning and logic through strategy, and develop early math skills through problem solving. The Sailboats and Ducks are paper pieced so they will stay intact with the other side being the bright fabrics. The beaks of the ducks are three-dimensional so little hands can explore.
The mat and playing pieces fold up into a 5-inch square and closed with an attached fabric covered elastic band.It can be tossed in a bag and played in restaurants, waiting rooms, car rides, etc. and also can be used as a place mat.
It will last through many children as well as generations. It is truly an heirloom to be cherished for many years. Since all the pieces are cotton, they can be hand washed and dried flat giving it a puckered look.
The last special order of this play mat was STARS AND STRIPES, with the tictactoe pieces represented by American flags and 3-dimensional stars. If you are interested in choosing your own fabrics and themes, please contact me at or check out my etsy shop at