Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FABRIC POSTCARDS: Tattoo Collection

I just added these two large quilted postcards to my Tattoo Collection, seen on the right. Everyone seems to love these diva ladies. I imagine they could be on the new show "Sons of Anarchy", on tonight. These cards would also be a fun way to send holiday greetings to the non-traditionalist, wouldn't it?

I have added metallic thread to the cards to make our diva girls really stand out. As if they needed anything more. One of the cards is finished with black fabric binding. The other card is finished with silver braid overcast with blue metallic thread. They really glitter.

I have sent fabric postcards to my family and friends. I have seen them after they have come through the mail. You would never know they had been handled by the post office. I am so impressed by the fine care they have taken with them. All my customers say that these cards bring a smile to the postal workers.

Brighten someone's day, send a fabric postcard...they will know they are truly special. You can see these in detail and many more at