Saturday, November 22, 2008

AT THE SEASHORE...PLAY to LEARN QUILT, the game that grows with your child

Here are the extra pictures of my new Quilted play mat with 30's reproductions. I bought the center square with the children playing while on vacation in Michigan, not knowing what I was going to used them for. I just fell in love with them. They remind me of my favorite children's illustrator, Eloise Wilken. I only bought one fat quarter of Michael Miller's kids and can't find anymore.

This 13" X 13" visually stimulating quilt excites newborns with its brightly colored shapes, pictures and bold lines. There are 30 reproduction prints used in into this mini-quilt.Playing with the ten 4" X 4" mini quilts aids in small motor movement and dexterity. There is an elastic band that a binky could be attached to. No attachments that an infant could swallow. It would also make a great lovey.

As the child grows, a matching game with the mini-quilts using the colored designs sharpens recognition and memory skills. The sailboats and ducks can also be used as imaginary toys in their own right.

With tic-tac-toe, older children can learn cooperation through taking turns, use planning and logic through strategy, and develop early math skills through problem solving. The Sailboats and Ducks are paper pieced so they will stay intact with the other side being the bright fabrics. The beaks of the ducks are three-dimensional so little hands can explore.
The mat and playing pieces fold up into a 5-inch square and closed with an attached fabric covered elastic band.It can be tossed in a bag and played in restaurants, waiting rooms, car rides, etc. and also can be used as a place mat.
It will last through many children as well as generations. It is truly an heirloom to be cherished for many years. Since all the pieces are cotton, they can be hand washed and dried flat giving it a puckered look.
The last special order of this play mat was STARS AND STRIPES, with the tictactoe pieces represented by American flags and 3-dimensional stars. If you are interested in choosing your own fabrics and themes, please contact me at or check out my etsy shop at

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Even the best quilters have quilts that are a little off especially when working with multiple pieced blocks. I follow this rule religiously. When it comes time to sew on the borders, no matter how uneven the quilt may be remember this mantra: MEASURE THROUGH THE CENTER ONLY. DO NOT STRETCH! Forget about all the other measurements. Don't believe me, try it!

Problem: The quilt top is slightly longer than the border.
Solution: Sew with the quilt top on the bottom, when you put it through the sewing machine. Your sewing machine’s feed dogs will help resolve the problem by easing in the excess fabric.

Problem: The borders are slightly longer than the quilt top.
Solution: Sew the border on with the border fabric next to feed dogs underneath the quilt.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Our family's two year cell phone contract was up this week. According to my three daughters, you have to upgrade your phones or you will be so out of it. With these new cell phones come new challenges. They are no long flip phones, but sliders. Specifically, they have touch screens that scratch easily. Mom to the rescue: quilted cell phone cases with the fabric of their choice.

These cell phone cases were designed by my 20 something daughter for her new Propel cell phone. She purposely did not want flaps, closures, or pockets. The case protects the phone, which can be flipped open without taking it completely out of the case. The cell phone fits snuggly into the case without falling out and adds very little bulk when jammed into jean or hoodie pockets and wristlets and purses. Think of the scary state of their backpacks!

The quilted cases fits several different sized phones. They are made with top quality cotton fabrics and batting and are hand washable. The top edge is has double binding for extra durability. For added security of a lost phone, I added a phone number on the inside.

If you know anyone that is getting a new cell phone for the holiday, this would make a great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift. This would also make a great case for gift cards, credit cards, or your collection of frequent buyer cards.Visit my site:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FABRIC POSTCARDS: Tattoo Collection

I just added these two large quilted postcards to my Tattoo Collection, seen on the right. Everyone seems to love these diva ladies. I imagine they could be on the new show "Sons of Anarchy", on tonight. These cards would also be a fun way to send holiday greetings to the non-traditionalist, wouldn't it?

I have added metallic thread to the cards to make our diva girls really stand out. As if they needed anything more. One of the cards is finished with black fabric binding. The other card is finished with silver braid overcast with blue metallic thread. They really glitter.

I have sent fabric postcards to my family and friends. I have seen them after they have come through the mail. You would never know they had been handled by the post office. I am so impressed by the fine care they have taken with them. All my customers say that these cards bring a smile to the postal workers.

Brighten someone's day, send a fabric postcard...they will know they are truly special. You can see these in detail and many more at

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Always use a scrap piece of material before beginning to sew a seam. The best starting scrap material is a long double strip of heavy duty interfacting; it is sturdy and never gets chewed up. This will alleviate the jumble of threads at the beginning of a seam on the backside. By using this piece of interfacing, quilt block points will never disappear into the machine!

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Stylings: Contemporary Christmas Tree Postcards

These trees can be made in any color and pattern you desire. Let me know your requirements at

These cards have been so much fun to design. I love experimenting with different fabrics together; pushing the envelope, so to speak. Instead of using a fabric binding, I used my overcast foot with gold thread over gold braid. It really gives it a nice clean, sparkly finish.

These cards are larger at 5 1/2" X 8 1/2"than the regular 4" X 6" postcards. How did I come up with that size. It is half a sheet of cardstock. so when I print the back, I get exactly 2 postcards with no waste. This is a great size for a picture frame. Also, you can write more on the back. These took more time because I buttonhole stitched around each piece of the tree. You can see the layers of the tree really pop!

Come and see the detail of these great cards in my shop:

Monday, November 3, 2008


It does not matter what part of the country you live, or what country you live for that matter, everyone has their own Northwoods. It is that area where we go for nature. We look for our trees, wildlife, fresh air, and, many times, water. My northwoods is Boulder Junction.

Boulder Junction is located in Wisconsin’s Northern Highland State Forest. It is the official Musky Capital of the world. These muskies are swimming in one of the 194 lakes within a 9-mile drive of downtown. Our little slice of heaven is on Oswego Lake, a 60 acre no motor lake located minutes from town. The area has scenic paved and rugged trail systems for hiking and biking. Being in the Lake Superior Snowbelt, snowmobilers enjoy the 130 miles of trails across the area. This forest and lakes helped Vilas County to be number one in the cleanest air in the state. The scent of pine in the air is palpable.

The town of Boulder Junction is at once charming and functional. We have noteworthy restaurants, shops, and accommodations. However, none of this would be as appealing without the people that live, work, and vacation in Boulder Junction. Going into town becomes more than errands, but a visit to catch up with news and happenings.

It is this breath of sweet pine air of the woods, fresh sauerkraut rye from the local bakery, bluest skies and darkest nights, and friendly community that settle my soul and becomes my muse for my northwoods quilts. After all, quilts and the northwoods go together. Whether it is a small postcard quilt to frame or say thanks for the weekend; and lap quilt to keep warm or a landscape wallhanging, these are all for sale on etsy site, Come take a look at these and the HOLIDAY primitive folk art quilted items presently for sale at Quilting Cafe.