Friday, October 17, 2008

QUILTING: The Queen of Green

Quilting is really the ultimate in green. After all, I don’t throw away a scrap. As you can see, my quilting studio is a testament to that. Not only do I save the tiniest of scraps, I also reuse vintage materials, repurpose my daughter’s jeans , cut off buttons and zippers from worn out clothing, and recycle where I can.

Though the Alchemy site on, I read that a Louisville MOMs Group is having a Recycle, Repurpose, and Reuse theme at their next meeting. I knew my shop would fit the bill. The Louisville Brightside organizer coming to speak to the group on ways to help in Louisville. Someone in the group always prepares a packet to give to each mom.

Since they might be interested in my products with Christmas coming up, and going green being such a hot topic, I am sending them my business cards with vintage ribbon from my Aunt Ruth's stash attached. In order to induce members to come, I donated the following folk art postcard and magnets. I hope they have a great meeting. I look forward to hearing from the members.

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