Saturday, November 15, 2008


Our family's two year cell phone contract was up this week. According to my three daughters, you have to upgrade your phones or you will be so out of it. With these new cell phones come new challenges. They are no long flip phones, but sliders. Specifically, they have touch screens that scratch easily. Mom to the rescue: quilted cell phone cases with the fabric of their choice.

These cell phone cases were designed by my 20 something daughter for her new Propel cell phone. She purposely did not want flaps, closures, or pockets. The case protects the phone, which can be flipped open without taking it completely out of the case. The cell phone fits snuggly into the case without falling out and adds very little bulk when jammed into jean or hoodie pockets and wristlets and purses. Think of the scary state of their backpacks!

The quilted cases fits several different sized phones. They are made with top quality cotton fabrics and batting and are hand washable. The top edge is has double binding for extra durability. For added security of a lost phone, I added a phone number on the inside.

If you know anyone that is getting a new cell phone for the holiday, this would make a great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift. This would also make a great case for gift cards, credit cards, or your collection of frequent buyer cards.Visit my site:

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