Friday, August 7, 2009

SALE - Quilted Fabric Postcards

Quilted Fabric Postcards lets someone know you care.
When you figure the cost of a regular greeting card that gets thrown away, a "OOAK" (one of a kind) mini quilt will be treasured. There's not even an envelope! What a great way to go green by reducing waste.

It can be sent through the mail as is and arrives in perfect condition. I know, I have sent many out to friends and family. I have seen them as magnets on their refrigerators, hung on bulletin boards in dorm rooms, or framed on their desk.

Keep it personal with those that are important in your lives. Show them you are thinking of them with a handwritten note. That never goes out of style.

In honor of that, I have put 21 quilted fabric postcards on sale. Here is a sampling of them from my shop,

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